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Our Products

Aldea’s main mission is to design and realize customized software solutions for the client’s needs. During the projects it was possible to package some solutions into real products that need only to be reconfigured or quickly customized according to customer needs.

The "Man Down" Professional Solution.

It is an Android application for smartphones that detects the dangerous “Man Down” situation for lone workers.It monitors the worker’s posture and also the immobility; if the configured limits are exceeded, it notifies the situation to a remote rescuer.VerticalMan allows the use of the classic GSM communication alarm notification channel for telephone calls or SMS, but also Wi-Fi connection to allow integration with company alarm management systems. As for example with SCADA Systems.



System Supervisor

Susi is an application implemented on SCADA system that allows to control all the technological systems of a company.

Aldea SCADA Web Interface

It’s a Web Java that allow to communicate with SCADA system through easy http call. Currently is supported only the Progea Movicon SCADA, but can evolve to support other SCADA systems

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