Worker safety worn on the wrist

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Worker safety has always been at the center of Aldea’s interest.

For this reason, we are constantly looking for innovation and even small tricks that can make VerticalMan® increasingly indispensable for every company.

In fact, with VerticalMan® it is  possible to associate an external sensor to be worn on the wrist with a special strap to check the safety of the lone worker.

Using VerticalMan® with the wrist strap, however, only the immobility of the worker is checked, because it is not possible to detect the inclination with the wrist. In fact, inclination remains the safest method for intercepting the largest number of cases of dangerous situations.

However, there are several tasks that allow an operator to remain safe by wearing only the external sensor on the wrist and the smartphone with VerticalMan® nearby, without having to wear it necessarily on the belt.

However, we want to highlight that, although useful, the control of the Immobility alone is restrictive because it cannot intercept cases of epilepsy or situations of illness that do not provide for the total immobility of the person.

For this reason, we suggest keeping the Man Down alarm active and relying on the guarantee of operator verticality control, through the internal accelerometer of the Smartphone or with the Mbientlab external sensor worn on the trouser belt.

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