Why is Lone Working dangerous?

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Why is Lone Working dangerous?

Before to explain why lone working is dangerous, it is important to clarify who is a lone worker. Basing on definitions of the different countries we can define lone worker as a person who work alone or in separated area without supervision or colleagues in the nearby.

A lone worker could be a person that takes care of maintenance area, worker on gas/oil platforms, but also people working in healthcare, on taxi or security guard and mobile workers are lone workers.

This type of workers could find themselves in difficult situation or danger such as fall, injuries, accidents with a machinery/tool, violence or aggressions, driving accidents etc..

In all these cases the rescue speed is basic: if they are not prompt the life itself of these workers could be in danger.

All employers have legal responsibilities to protect their workers, wherever they are: for this it is really important for the company to reach in very short time its employee in case needed.

How can VerticalMan® of Aldea help you?

To manage lone worker safety, even more companies look at app to install on Smartphone used by personnel.

VerticalMan® is a professional lone worker app built to work with Android devices. Thanks to VerticalMan® you can check not only the Man Down situation, allowing to continuously monitoring the posture of the worker, but also the “motionless man” situation. We can configure more than 140 parameters and we can adapt it to your specific needs.

For example, if you have a worker in a place where there is no GPS signal, VerticalMan® can guarantee his safety thanks to Wi-Fi network and IPS with beacons. This is very important because in case of alarm activation the rescue team knows the exact position of the lone worker.

In addition, you can integrate VerticalMan® with your central system, so you can manage in a unique control room all alarms or anomalies. If you don’t have a central system? Do not worry, we can offer our solution eCoRo to improve your safety system.

Last but not least, is the privacy regulamentation, a very complex field. We can guarantee both to you and especially to your worker, that VerticalMan® does not track the position of the lone worker, but register it in volatile memory, without any external possibility to know it, and notify the position of lone worker only in case of emergency.

Contact us to have more information.


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