Another excellent rugged smartphone, certified for VerticalMan®

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We tested the new CROSSCALL Core-M5 for our VerticalMan®.

First impressions are very, very positive.

It is a smartphone designed and built to work in the field, a real Rugged-Phone.

Performance is absolutely high and ergonomics is a strong point. Despite its nearly 5 ”display, it’s all easily accessible with one hand.

The X-Link technology that it incorporates is exceptional, it allows with the magnetic connector on the back of the device to recharge the phone and start data transfers without the need to connect any cables. Also excellent for using the numerous accessories that allow outdoor use, on a vehicle or contemporary refills.

Other important data are the warranty for 5 years and the repairability index of 8.8/10, therefore of the highest level, which allows you to trust a product whose components can be easily replaced by service centers.

All tests for VerticalMan® have been successfully passed; we also wanted to try it with the external MMR sensor from Mbientlab, although it is not a very bulky phone to wear on the belt, because now many customers are moving towards the safety of lone workers without forcing them to wear a smartphone, but only a small sensor.

For the details of the characteristics and technical specifications, we refer you to the CROSSCALL manufacturer’s website.


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