VerticalMan – The Man Down solution

The VerticalMan App check the Man Down situation, allows to continuously monitor the posture of the worker, and if the inclination exceed an angle and maintained for a period of time, warn locally with an visual and acoustic alarm and notifying remotely (via SMS, web service, email, telephone call or VoIP) .

The user have some seconds (configurable) to stop the alarm and prevent wrong remote notification.

The Android device with VerticalMan must be wear on belt with an opportune case specific for the device.

The application also controls possible immobility of the person, the level of battery charge and the availability of connectivity for remote notifications.

The system is primarily aimed at lone workers, who haven’t a colleague and without continuous contact with other people.

Who need it

All alone workers need the VerticalMan’s supervisor.

VerticalMan man down
Follow a partial list of same lone work categories :

  • CED night Operators
  • Data Center Administrators
  • Laboratory technicians
  • Security guards
  • Operators agricultural
  • Saleswoman of small shops
  • Night Pharmacists
  • Medical Guards night
  • Industrial Production workers
  • Officer rail


VerticalMan Solution

VerticalMan is a Man Down Android App, to control the vertical posture of alone worker that can operate in outdoors or indoors.

In case of staying in the horizontal state operator VerticalMan alert the rescuer through a GSM phone call, a SMS or by calling the corporate alarm management system (via web call). All three communication channels are simultaneously activated by the alarm.

Inside a Corporate

The peculiarity of VerticalMan, compared with competitor’s applications, is the ability to notify the alarm via the Wi-Fi network too, so to become independent from the operator GSM.
VerticalMan - Corporate Scenario


  • Use VerticalMan even in places where there is no GSM signal (internal buildings areas, underground rooms, etc.)
  • Do not bind to the availability of the service offered by a third party (GSM operator) in case of emergencies
  • Monitor the network devices that make the system very sure.
VerticalMan Features

There are two VerticalMan version, one with GSM notification only, other with Wi-Fi notification too.

“Man Down” Alarmvistovisto
Immobility Alarmvistovisto
Battery level Alarmvistovisto
Wrong configuration Alarmvistovisto
Missing connectivity Alarmvistovisto
SOS Alarmvistovisto
GSM call notificationvistovisto
SMS notificationvistovisto
Web service on Wi-Fi notification visto
VoIP notification visto
Email notification visto
Notify start/stop applicationvistovisto
SCADA Notification on Wi-Fi network bullet_green
Comunicate GPS Coordinatevistovisto
Indoor Position with Beacon network (IPS)vistovisto
High configurabilityvistovisto
Centralized configuration with Ecoro Lite or AWSI
Compatible with Ecom device, certified ATEX, IECEx, NEC & CECvistovisto
Compatible with Sonim ultra-Ragged device XP6 e XP7vistovisto
Support for external sensor (Metawear-R accelerometer)vistovisto
Panic Button (with Flic button)vistovisto
User interface
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The devices

VerticalMan App run on most Android smartphone, it can be a classic personal phone, an ultra rugged device or an Atex smartphone.
Aldea suggest same smartphone device, but the best choice is to use the phone currently used by lone worker.
Here a small list for VerticalMan:

XCover 4
Smart-Ex 01


The complete guide

VerticalMan Apk
ver 4.16 ( 30 April 2019 )

Free version for 30 days

For all no-profit organizations with exclusive charity scope the Aldea software license are free of charge. If your no-profit organization need a license, you only send an email to [email protected] with a official document (statute or similar).


When the main scope of an application is the personal health check the security and reliability are very important .
VerticalMan is designed for the highest secure level:
1. The main screen have only item activated with slide gesture (hard to trigger accidentally). The About or Settings screen have a timer after 60 seconds came back to main screen.
2. The settings are protect with a password, for prevent involuntary user edit.
3. The Configuration Alarm alert the system if not well configured. This guarantee, when the user in dangerous situation, that the application send the correct notification.
4. The Connectivity not available alarm, alert the user when is in an area where do not have remote assistance.
5. VerticalMan can restart itself automatically (with specific settings) in case Android kill it for low resources. The System Operative can kill all the tasks if it decide, without alert the user.
6. With Wi-Fi notification, the whole system can be more secure than in a GSM environment, because the network devices (Access Point, router, switch, etc.) can be under customer System Administrator control.
7. VerticalMan is certificated to run with SureLock (a tool used by enterprises for locking down Mobile devices & Tablets) to protect the use of the device; only the administrator define what the user can do.
8. VerticalMan is certificated to run on ECOM ATEX device for use it in dangerous environment.

Perpetual License

The VerticalMan license is related to the device in which the App run.
For guarantee the investment, the perpetual license is valid for a life. The customer can activate the license on a device and if he want to transfer to other device must only deactivate it from the first device to reactivate to the new device.
For Activate or Deactivate there are a features in Settings screen on App; the only requirement is an availability of an Internet connection during the procedure.

Annual Support and Maintenance

Subscription licenses include upgrades, support and maintenance for subscription period. Perpetual licenses include 12 months of software maintenance (support and product updates). We recommend that you renew your product maintenance prior to the expiration date for continued access to benefits like latest product updates and support.
Maintenance renewals commence from the expiration of your active maintenance period, regardless of when the maintenance renewal is purchased. If you intend to renew, we recommend renewing at least 30 days before expiration.

Version Upgrades:

You are eligible to receive free software upgrades during the active maintenance period. Current version of the product will be active after maintenance period, but upgrade to the new versions will not be available unless support and maintenance plan is purchased.

Priority Email Support:

During active maintenance period, you can send us support requests via email for issues related to licensing, installation, configuration and product usage. We undertake to respond to priority support requests within one business day.

How to renew Support Plan:

You can renew your support plan at 10% of license cost. We will send you an email notification 30 days prior to the expiry of your current maintenance period. You can also contact us at [email protected] to purchase or renew your Annual Support Plan. Please mention details such as company name, ordering person’s email address and activation code provided earlier.

Screen shots
Correct positionWrong posture
VerticalMan - Correct positionFirst seconds in wrong position
Start local Alarm and countdown
for remote notification
Setup 1
Wrong position - Start Alart and countdown for remote notificationSetup 1
Setup 2Setup 3
Setup 2Setup 3
Setup 4Setup 5 
Setup 4Setup 5 
Setup 6Setup 7 
Setup 6Setup 7 
Specific requirements … Let’s talk about it

VerticalMan have more the 100 parameters for satisfy many customer demands, but if you have same specific requirement , contact us and we can search the best solution together.


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