VerticalMan with Gas Detector

Now VerticalMan also allows you to manage alarms for toxic GAS, via a Riken Keiki device connected via Bluetooth to the Smartphone with VerticalMan

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Now with VerticalMan® version 9 it is also possible to check the presence of toxic gases or the lack of sufficient oxygen, further increasing worker safety.

The smartphone with VerticalMan® can be connected via Bluetooth with the GX-3R Pro portable gas detector by the Riken Keiki company, one of the leaders in the sector.

If toxic gases are detected, the device starts ringing locally and communicates the alarm to the VerticalMan® which notifies the rescuers with the various communication channels (SMS, Web, GSM/WhatsApp/VoIP call, PTT, email) configured by the ‘App.

Allowing remote notification for these alarms reduces the possibility of reflex deaths, because rescuers will know what type of alarm it is and will come prepared with the proper equipment and protection.

The notification can be managed by our platform, eCoRo Suite, for receiving alarms, or by the systems used by the customer.

From this version VerticalMan® can also be used only as a notification tool for toxic gas alarms, thus extending its range of relevance not only to lone workers.

Currently the Riken Keiki GX-3R Pro gas detector, which allows the detection of up to 5 contemporary gases among the following:

  • H2S (Hydrosulphide or hydrogen sulphide)
  • CO (Carbon monoxide or carbon monoxide)
  • SO2 (sulfur dioxide or sulfur dioxide/dioxide)
  • CO2 (Carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide)
  • O2 (Oxygen) deficiency

But more are expected to be added in the near future to cover a wider spectrum of toxic gases.

It is a device made by the company which 80 years ago presented the first gas detector and which is currently designed to work in extreme areas (-40C° – +60C°) and is certified for ATEX areas.

We must also bear in mind that with VerticalMan it is also possible to know the indoor position of an operator in the event of an emergency, this significantly speeds up the intervention times of the rescuers.

From now on, customers who already have a Riken Keiki detector with Bluetooth connection can add remote alarm notification by purchasing the VerticalMan® platform.

On the other hand, VerticalMan owners can make workers safe, at this point not only isolated ones, by adding the detection of toxic gases by completing the system with the purchase of a portable gas detector.


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