VerticalMan® – The first Man Down App without smartphone worn on the belt

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VerticalMan® is the first App for the safety of lone workers that does not require you to wear your smartphone on your belt.

With VerticalMan® it is therefore possible to wear a very small Bluetooth sensor on the belt instead of a Smartphone.


How does it work?

With the external sensor (accelerometer) VerticalMan® controls the posture and possibly the immobility of the operator. It is powered by a powerful but very small battery rechargeable via micro-USB.

Today, Smartphones have large screens and have become bulky to wear on the belt. That’s why having the ability to wear a tiny sensor to control verticality is a much appreciated innovation on the market.

Indeed, thanks to the external sensor the operator can carry the Smartphone with VerticalMan® wherever he prefers: in the pocket of his trousers or jacket as well as in a shoulder backpack, the important thing is that it remains within the range of Bluetooth (a few meters).

The supported sensor is MbientLab Metamotion-R, reliable and extremely small, with a rechargeable battery via micro-USB whose duration, from our laboratory tests, is about a week of continuous use for the entire working day.
However VerticalMan® always warns the operator when the battery charge drops below a certain threshold.


Configuration and operation are extremely simple and shown in the following video

More details on the use of the external sensor are described in VerticalMan® The complete guide.


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