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Would you like to keep safe your employees while they are using vehicles?

VerticalMan‘s feature “vehicle impact alarm” is the answer to your problems because it allows you to be warned when a worker is using a vehicle of any kind (for example a car, a forklift or others) and has an accident.

The operation is based on the fact that every accident entails a deceleration, that is measured in “g”

We make use of Google’s API, which communicate to VerticalMan® if the worker is using a vehicle, after, the app verifies this and constantly monitors if the deceleration is under 15g (for comparison a medium intensity accident has over 30g ).

Unfortunately the “vehicle impact alarm” is released only in the Beta version considering that at the moment we cannot put it to the complete test because we are still searching a partner specialized in crash tests.

For now we can only say that individual tests (like the understanding if the worker is on a vehicle and the deceleration measurement) were passed successfully.  


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