VerticalMan now support Android 13 and Samsung XCover6 Pro

Import upgrade for VerticalMan (the lone worker safety App). Now support also smartphone with Android 13.

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The safety of lone workers is an important issue for many companies, and the use of apps like VerticalMan® can help ensure worker safety. With the new 9.6 version, VerticalMan® supports the Android 13 operating system, which offers many new features and security enhancements.

In particular, the VerticalMan® app has been successfully tested on the new Samsung Galaxy xCover6 Pro smartphone, which features rugged specifications and extremely modern technical features. This device has been designed to withstand extreme conditions and offers a reliable and secure user experience.

The new 9.6 version of VerticalMan® offers a new web notification system to retry failed communications due to lack of data connectivity.

The technical retry for 5 times of the Web notification has always been present, but now if the data connection is extremely unstable, the request for help is retried every minute for over an hour.

The Samsung xCover6 Pro has a physical emergency button that VerticalMan® associates with the SOS alarm; it is extremely useful for an operator to have a physical button to initiate a quick call for help in case of need.

With increased compatibility with the Android 13 operating system, VerticalMan® can be used on the latest smartphones as well.

In conclusion, the new 9.6 version of VerticalMan® represents an important step forward in the safety of lone workers, offering increased compatibility with Android 13 and support for the Samsung Galaxy xCover6 Pro. With new features and enhancements, VerticalMan® offers an even safer and more reliable user experience for workers facing dangerous situations.


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