You only need to install ECoro Lite on a  workstation with all the sub-systems needed (Apache,PHP,MySql) that can run on old desktops. Verify the minimal requirements on the installation manual.

yes, it depends on the configuration, the comsume could be strongly reduced

  • If you are not using the IPS indoor positioning, set “position -> GPS coordinates supplier” to Google that allows to reduce the battery use
  • Setting a correct “position -> GPS update frequency” is important because keeping it low requires often the position to the system
  • If the GPS position is not used in the notification alarms, turn it off (“Position->Sending GPS coordinates”)
  • The parameter “Advanced -> Screen always on” should be turned off. It is useful only in rare cases described in the manual
  • If you are using the IPS indoor positioning with beacon, pay attention on setting the “Position -> beacon search frequency” not too low because would often require the use of Bluetooth radio
  • If you have the web alarm notification and “Alarm notification -> Sending system status via the web” active, set an “Alarm notification -> Status sending interval” at a not too low value
  • In the major part of the cases the parameter “Advanced -> sensor update frequency” is correct when it is set at “User interface”. setting it at “Game” and “Faster” increases the use of the sensor and consequently the use of the battery

Verify in the configuration if the alarms block is turned on if the phone is in charge (“no alarms when in charge”). Remind that also the connection between the mobile device and the PC turns on the charge of the battery. Another condition is the alarm activation of “Alarms only in standby” or “Check inactivity” settings.

Yes, it is sufficient to set in the configuration “Disable Geomagnetic sensor” parameter.

Verify in configuration that the “Send GPS coordinates” is active.

Android does not allow to Apps to know if an outbound call received an answer. However it is possible to use some of the five telephone numbers for the telephonic notification to redo some calls, because they have not to be unique numbers.

Verify if in the configuration is active the alarm block with the shake, it may be needed to regulate the sensibility of the shake or to disable it.

Go to configuration and select (on the last options) “Check configuration” that will tell you in detail what is wrong in settings.

Unfortunately the device used has not the accelerometer that is fundamental for the operability of incline and movement controls. For example some samsung J have not the accelerometer. To verify it, it is possible to send the log of VerticalMan to technical assistance through the specific function available in the last options of the configurations.

It is the number of minutes between two alarm signalization that could perpetuate in time, for example low battery or absent GSM signal, in this way you are not warned every minute, but after a longer period of time.

If VerticalMan runs at every inclination of the device also when you are using it, set in the configuration “Check inactivity” ore “Alarms only in standby”.

The apple operative system, IOS, does not allow different activities that are indispensable for an app made for peolple’s security without the need of interaction with the user. The Apple devices are more expensive and it cannot be rugged or ATEX certificated.

Yes indeed the VerticalMan’s wi-fi version does a classical web call http to a web server that must accept one of the two supported transmission protocols.

It is suggested this kind of notification on wi-fi net because on this connectivity the customer could do some internal tests on the correct operation with some System Management, making the system extremely safe, so available during the necessary moment of alarm notification.

Differently, on a connectivity offered by a GSM operator, these tests could not be done and the unavailability of the data line could make the system unsafe in necessity moments.

However, the customer has the possibility to choose if his centralized alarm server is published on the internet or on a VPN and use VerticalMan on a mobile network.

Since Android 10, Google has removed from the System Phone App the ability to initiate calls with the speakerphone already active; to get around this limit you need to install a third-party Phone App
that still has this functionality available.
You can search in the Play Store for Apps that have this feature or you can use the free NanoPhone App developed by Aldea.
It must be configured as the default App for the Phone function (Android settings->Apps and notifications->Default apps->Phone app).
NanoPhone was developed exclusively to keep the possibility of starting GSM phone calls with the hands-free from VerticalMan. Therefore it does not have all the common functions of a telephone app.
To make calls interactively, the user can continue to use the System Phone App.

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