VerticalMan certified for ATEX areas also with iSafe Mobile

We have certified the VerticalMan for iSafe smartphones for ATEX zones 1 and 2.

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In the context of Aldea’s ongoing commitment to innovation and workplace safety, we are pleased to announce our new collaboration with iSafe Mobile, a leader in the field of devices for ATEX areas. This partnership has led to the certification of our solution for the safety of isolated workers, VerticalMan®, on three iSafe smartphones: IS360, IS530, and IS540. This advancement represents a significant milestone in our mission to ensure maximum protection and functionality for professionals operating in high-risk environments.

Presentation of the devices

iSafe’s IS360, IS530, and IS540 devices offer an excellent combination of modern performance and certified safety for ATEX zones 1 and 2. The certification process of VerticalMan® on these smartphones has highlighted their quality construction and reliable performance, reaffirming our commitment to excellence and safety.

IS360: Ideal for those seeking a compact smartphone for ATEX zone 2 areas, with basic functionalities such as phone calls and advanced safety features of VerticalMan®, including Man Down, immobility check, SOS, and indoor positioning.

IS530: With a 4.5″ display, the IS530 provides a comprehensive solution for those seeking a versatile smartphone for various purposes, while retaining the safety features of VerticalMan®.

IS540: The top of the line model, equipped with a large 6″ screen and compatibility with 5G GSM network, offers maximum power and connectivity for users requiring advanced performance in ATEX environments.

Accessories and Warranty Extension

In addition to the essential features of the devices, iSafe offers a wide range of essential accessories for professional use, such as charging docks and belt holsters. Furthermore, our customers can benefit from a manufacturer’s warranty extension, ensuring maximum peace of mind and security in device usage.


The collaboration between Aldea and iSafe represents a significant synergy between innovation and safety, bringing advanced and certified solutions for worker protection in ATEX environments. With the IS360, IS530, and IS540 devices, we offer operators a wide range of solutions to meet their specific needs, always prioritizing safety and reliability. For further information and to compare the features of certified VerticalMan® devices, we invite you to visit our website at the following link


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