yes, it depends on the configuration, the comsume could be strongly reduced

  • If you are not using the IPS indoor positioning, set “position -> GPS coordinates supplier” to Google that allows to reduce the battery use
  • Setting a correct “position -> GPS update frequency” is important because keeping it low requires often the position to the system
  • If the GPS position is not used in the notification alarms, turn it off (“Position->Sending GPS coordinates”)
  • The parameter “Advanced -> Screen always on” should be turned off. It is useful only in rare cases described in the manual
  • If you are using the IPS indoor positioning with beacon, pay attention on setting the “Position -> beacon search frequency” not too low because would often require the use of Bluetooth radio
  • If you have the web alarm notification and “Alarm notification -> Sending system status via the web” active, set an “Alarm notification -> Status sending interval” at a not too low value
  • In the major part of the cases the parameter “Advanced -> sensor update frequency” is correct when it is set at “User interface”. setting it at “Game” and “Faster” increases the use of the sensor and consequently the use of the battery

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