Safety does not go on vacation: take care of your lone workers

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All of us in this period are tired and looking at the next holiday, especially after the last 18 months in which we had to face lots of personal restrictions and also business challenge due to the pandemic issue. We are nearly ready to spend some day off and try to relax, but we have to remember a most important things: safety does not go on vacation.

What does it mean?

Not all companies will close, in some of them maybe there will be less personnel, but people continue to work, and unfortunately accidents could happen. Food companies, pharmaceutical companies, warehouses, transportation and services companies are only some examples of industries that stay open the entire year.

This period, with less personnel, could have as a consequence an increasing of temporary lone workers, i.e., people who normally work with a colleague in the nearby, but that in this period of the year work alone because the colleague is on vacation.

Even if you in your health and safety management procedures can reduce all type of risks, you do not have 100% certainty nothing happens, neither an accident nor an illness.

What can an employer do to preserve his lone workers’ life?

Usually for a lone worker, in case of accident, the most important thing is the speed of rescue team, so it is extremely important to activate immediately an alarm and with it give the exact position of the lone worker.

This is the reason why even more and more companies decide to install an app on the Smartphone used by their personnel.

In Aldea we have developed VerticalMan®, a professional man down app suitable for Android smartphones and wearable devices.

How does VerticalMan® work?

VerticalMan®monitors the posture of the lone worker and in case of man down situation or a period with motionless, send the alarm.



It works also in space with no GSM signal, so you can use it also with Wi-Fi network: your lone worker is safe in any circumstances.


In addition, you can integrate VerticalMan® with your central alarm system, and if you do not have it, we can combine it with our eCoRo (Easy Control Room) solutions, to better improve your safety system.


VerticalMan® is also customizable, we can adapt it to your specific needs thanks to more than 140 parameters we can configure. Thanks to this it is already used in several different environment: food companies with cold storage roomspharmaceutical companiesdata centrepowerplant etc…


Any privacy doubts?


Do not worry, VerticalMan® does not track the position of your lone workers. It only keep it in the volatile memory and release it only in case of alarm activation.


Don’t’ wait… safety does not go on vacation…contact us for more information, fill in the contact form or send an e-mail to



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