Safety can save your money

How can you save money in safety and improve the safety of your workers at the same time?

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How can you save money in safety and improve the safety of your workers at the same time?

Can I really save money and guarantee safety of workers at the same time? Are you asking yourself while reading the title of this article. Sure you can!

I know, as an employer or a top manager, most of the time you consider safety a cost for your company and a waste time to be spending in fulfilling modules and documents. It is estimate that the time you spend on this is the equivalent of a couple of months during the entire year. Time that you would need to spend concentrating on your job. And what about the cost of being in line with all the law’ fulfilments?

But is it really truth?

Is really safety in the workplace a cost or, on the contrary, is it an investment?

I think we should have a look at it from a different point of view.

First of all, the main objective for a company is to generate profit. As an employer, or a top manager, don’t you think that an environment safe could increase productivity? In addition do you know a good prevention means less costs for injures and professional diseases? That means, in other words, to save money.

Why, are you asking yourself?

An injury in the workplace means to have additional costs for working days that the worker miss, medical costs, insurance costs and in some cases also compensation costs. And more accidents happen more these costs will increase.

In some cases there is also the possibility to incur in the penal legislation, pay fines or, in the worst cases, that the authority close the activity… that means lot of problems, missed revenues and additional costs.

And if the worker that have the accident is a lone worker?

In this case the problem is more serious.

By definition lone worker is a person who work alone or in separated area without supervision or colleagues in the nearby.

What could happen if lone worker find himself in a difficult situation or danger such as fall, injuries, accidents with a machinery/tool, violence or aggressions, driving accidents etc?

In all these cases safety in workplace, first of all, and the rescue speed is basic to save life.

Now, coming back at the initial point of this article…

How can you save money and make your workers safe, especially your lone workers?

OSHA shows that employers who establish employee safety programs are able to reduce costs related to injury and workplace illness by up to 40 percent. These reductions bring immediate return on investment in the form of increased profitability. Some studies have shown that for every dollar invested in safety programs, companies get a return of $4-$6 in reduced costs.

In order to help you to increase your revenues and reduce risks for lone worker’ safety, our company developed VerticalMan®, a professional lone worker app that allow to check not only the Man Down situation, monitoring the posture of the worker, but also the “motionless man” situation.

Thanks to VerticalMan® lone workers feel themselves safe during their working days and you… you can sleep peacefully because not only it protects your workers but also, as a consequence, all economics and financials of your company are safe.

Each dollar invested in VerticalMan® is a dollar invested in avoiding additional costs and so a dollar earned.

Look at the video below to see how VerticalMan® protects your workers and your money.


As we have seen safety in workplace, and so safety of all workers, is a very important asset for every company and it needs to be accurately planned to save costs and improve your ROI.

If you need a professional solution for your lone worker that fit the needs of your company send an email to



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