Additional features for VerticalMan with new Samsung’s products

Additional features for VerticalMan with new Samsung's devices

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Since some time ago, many of our customers have been using Samsung smartphones with VerticalMan® ; now we have also certified the XCover Pro, the Active 3 tablet and the Watch 4 in order to allow you to use the latest devices designed and built for frontline workers.

Galaxy XCover Pro

The XCover Pro is the latest addition to the XCover family that VerticalMan® already supported from version 3.

This rugged smartphone is made with features that allow it to be used even in industrial or in any case extreme environments where protection from dust, water and accidental falls are strongly required.

Galaxy Tab Active 3

Among the tablets that we suggest for receiving alarms on our eCoRo App portable console, there is certainly the Galaxy Tab Active 3 which, in addition to having extremely modern features, is able to remain constantly connected to the power supply, even without a battery.

Galaxy Watch4

But the most relevant news is certainly the support of the Galaxy Watch4 which now with the new VerticalMan® Watch App allows you to:

  • Monitor the alarms in progress and interrupt them if necessary
  • Request help by starting the SOS alarm
  • Verify the immobility of the operator
  • Monitor your heart rate to stay within a range
  • Check for operator’s falls (available from the next version with the new Google libraries)

Now with the Watch4 App, the VerticalMan platform is even more complete.

To further seal the collaboration with the Korean giant, since the beginning of May Aldea has sealed a partnership with Samsung Italy in order to offer our VerticalMan® solution to their business customers.

For a customer, relying on Samsung for worker safety means having certified products for VerticalMan® and being able to strengthen the solution with the advantages of the Knox system available on all their devices. In addition, Samsung’s Enterprise assistance is able to meet the stringent requirements of corporations, especially of those related to safety at work.


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