Man Down – Whole Wearable

Now you can use VerticalMan on smartwatches that don't need a smartphone

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Aldea has developed a fully wearable solution for the safety of lone workers without the need for a smartphone.

The VerticalMan® App can now be installed on the Domino SmartWatch DM101 equipped with a complete Android 7 with GSM SIM, therefore a real substitute for a smartphone, with which to make telephone calls, send SMS or any other type of 4G data communication.

The DM101 has its own built-in accelerometer sensor that VerticalMan® uses to control the operator’s immobility, but as we know, the best way to verify the Man Down danger situation is to check the verticality of the operator on his belt. For this you can use the Mbientlab MetaMotionRL bluetooth external sensor described in our in-depth article.

Since the DM101 also has the ability to read the heartbeat from the wrist, VerticalMan® can be configured to notify a manager if the App is not being used when no heartbeat is detected.

Previously, VerticalMan® only had the possibility of communicating with a smartwatch with a WearOS system connected to a smartphone in the neighborhood of the bluetooth range, now if the smartphone is not essential for other functions, you can choose the totally wearable solution with the DM101 smartwatch and the MetaMotionRL external sensor.

If you are interested in our wearable solutions, we suggest other our posts that deal with this topic to make workers safer whether they are isolated or not.


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