How could a lone worker in powerplant be safe?

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How could a lone worker in powerplant be safe?

Maintenance workers of powerplants often find themselves working alone, in very large complexs and in areas Atex 1.

The following case study explains how we have reduced the risks involving with lone working of this sector in an Italian company leader in production and distribution of electricity.

The company has launched a call for tenders in which all the main players in the lone worker sector participated.

Request for tender

The management wanted an automatic system in order to increase the level of safety to prevent injuries or to minimize the time for a possible rescue.

The proposed solutions had to:

  1. allow the device to be used as a mobile phone for Atex areas;
  2.  have all the features of a classic man down and man motionless device with remote notification to rescuers via SMS  and telephone calls.

The GSM signal was present in all areas where lone workers worked and it was expected that a rescuer was always available inside the plant to reach the lone worker in case of alarm.

In addition, everything had to be already configured according to the specifications and presented with a program of training courses aimed at system administrators and operators who would use it.

The solution

The following solution, VerticalMan® proposed by Aldea, was chosen in October 2017 and it was implemented and tested in 50 days:

  • smartphones certified for Atex areas zone 1;
  • positioning outside with smartphone GPS;
  • IPS (Indoor Position System) made with proprietary design and certified industrial beacon transmitters for Atex areas too;
  • Proprietary app that has transformed the smartphone into a powerful and versatile man down detection system allowing it: to be notified via SMS to 5 rescuers with the most recent positioning coordinates (if outdoors with Google Maps links, if indoors with the area name and the image of the local map  associated with the nearest beacon) and notification via 5 telephone calls.

Then, in a second stage, the solution was also implemented with eCoRo App, installed on a dedicated tablet, to send the alarms to the control room.

Strengths of this solution:

First of all the high reliability which allows the absence of false technical alarms. In addition, the extreme versatility of the app which, with over 140 customizable parameters, allows to satisfy the most different needs.

The system’s administrator can also customize each SMS.

There is also the possibility of having the positioning on the message with directly the link to Google Maps.

Most important is also the ability to use other apps without them interfering with the man down function and the choice of a Smartphone and beacon produced by one of the world leaders in the supply of Atex certified solutions, eCom.

Finally the privacy of the operator is guaranteed: VerticalMan® does not memorize neither track the operator position. The position is in the volatile memory and it is communicated only in case of alarm.


Thanks to VerticalMan® the company has managed to equip lone worker in powerplant with a state-of-the-art system to increase safety and minimize rescue intervention times, with extremely precise positioning both outdoors and inside buildings, preserving the operator privacy.

They still use VerticalMan® system today and every 6 months we review it at their power plants.


If you need a professional solution for your lone worker that fit the needs of your company send an email to [email protected]


Solution Summary


Lone worker Solution



eCom SmartEx-01

Alarm connectivity


Remote notification

SMSs + GSM phone calls


With eCom Beacon LOC-EX 01

Control room

eCoRo App on tablet Samsung Active 2


50 days

Smartphone safebox

SureLock for Android


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