• 21 March 2020
  • simonecaboni
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For all the nurses, doctors, researchers, police and ONLUS who fight against the coronavirus, Aldea offers VerticalMan’s licenses for free in order to strengthen lone workers safety.

VerticalMan could be installed on Android smartphones and monitors the worker’s posture, in case he falls down on the floor, for instance because of an accident or a sudden illness, VerticalMan sends through SMS, telephonic call or email notifications to a rescue squad.

VerticalMan is useful for all workers that operate alone, without a nearby partner.

For more information please write to info@aldea.it or visit the site www.verticalman.it

To obtain licenses, fill in the form specify into note CoronavirusFrontSolidarity and choice payment method Bank transfer (no payment will be requested, but it is mandatory to complete the form).