eCoRo Web

eCoro Web (a part of eCoRo suite) allows to receive and manage alarms that come from VerticalMan

It is a real centralized administrative console that receives through web connection alarm reports from remote devices with VerticalMan.

Provides the actual alarms status situation allowing to take on responsibility of alarm and to show the map in which an alarm started.


  • Alarm receiving through web call
  • Allows the monitoring of:
    • Running alarms
    • VerticalMan devices that are in use
  • Acoustic and visual warnings during alarms
  • Alarm Ack (taking on responsibility of the alarm)
  • Map showing with alarm localization both indoors and outdoors
  • Alarm history statistics
  • Alarm export in Excel
  • Centralized management of different remote VerticalMan configuration
  • Control external siren


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