eCoRo Suite

eCoRo (Easy Control Room) is the Aldea suite created to manage all alarms from VerticalMan.

Thanks to this, the operator in the control room or directly the rescuer are warned in case of emergency and they can see all the information in order to intervene in the fastest way possible.

The suite is composed by different elements useful depending on the alarm notification channel.

Component Description
eCoRo App Smartphone and Android Tablet App that allows the receiving of alarms through SMS, web calls or push notifications
eCoRo WebWeb application used for receiving notifications through http calls and for managing centrally the configuration of multiple VerticalMan
eCoRo CloudIt is the eCoRo Web version on the Aldea cloud that allows also push notifications on devices with eCoRo App installed
eCoRo Web LiteAllows only the centralized management of various VerticalMans
eCoRo DesktopDesktop app for Desktop client (Windows or Linux) that allows the consultation and the alert of notifications on eCoRo Web

Which eCoRo should I choose?

The choice of the best eCoRo solution starts from the notification channel chosen for alarms. If the notifications from VerticalMan are send through SMS, the eCoRo app is the only solution, while if the notifications are sent through http calls, you can choose between eCoRo Web and Cloud with eventually eCoRo App and/or Desktop.

For the other notification channels used by VerticalMan (emails, GSM telephonic calls or VoIP calls) no additions with the eCoRo suite are foreseen, except if email notifications are converted into SMS by one of the third part services available on Internet.


The eCoRo versions have different features.

Possible eCoRo uses

Uses in GSM, LAN o CLOUD.




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