Allows the management of mobile app’s configuration. It is essential when you of have a big number of mobile apps spread on the territory

Allows to set and consult the configuration of mobile devices with Aldea apps installed, for example VerticalMan. The product is composed by two elements:

  • A web console that allows you to consult the versions installed remotely and to manage users authorized to access the EcoroLite application.
  • RESTFull Server, a web component used by remote apps to acquire new configurations.
Screen shot
EcoroLite Login
Devices list
Users list
Configurations management

With the configurations management it is possible for administrators to:
1. Create a new configuration starting from an already existing one (Copy)
2. Edit a configuration with a powerfull JSON file editor
3. Delete a configuration that is not the default one (valid for all devices that have not a specific configuration)
4. Compare the specific configuration with the default one in order to verify the differnces

Edit a configuration

It is possible to edit the configuration in JSON format with a simple and intuitive interface with all configuration keys documented in the user manual of the mobile app.

Operative SystemLinux or windows
Disc space10MB
Web serverApache Web server 2.4 (consigliato) or another server that supports PHP
DatabaseMySql 5.5
ScriptingPHP 5.6 with these extensions: