eCoRo App

Mobile Console Alarms

eCoRo app allows you to monitor the alarms notified via SMS from VerticalMan permitting you to:

1. Start an auditory and visual alarm that has to be interrupted by the user (Alarm ACK).

2. Accelerate GPS map’s (Google or Open Street View) opening.

3. Allow the use of locally saved maps that could be used without internet connection by OsmAndMap.

3. View maps for the indoor positioning of VerticalMan

4. Trace all the occurred alarms.

5. Control an external siren


It is an optimum partner for the rescuer indicated in the VerticalMan App's configuration. Differently from the classical SMS that warns the user with a single sound when it is needed, eCoRo App continues to ring until it is voluntarily turned off, allowing in this way to catch surely the rescuer's attention on the alarm reported by VerticalMan.
In case of receiving an SMS alarm, eCoRo App starts ringing and shows all the details highlighted in red.
After the alarm's ACK (recognizing it) the information highlighted in yellow are shown and it is also set the time of recognition.

GPS Position

While the button "GPS POSITION" opens GoogleMap or OsmAndMap to show the exact GPS position where has happened the GPS alarm.

Indoor Position

If on VerticalMan is activated also the IPS (Indoor Position System) management it is shown the internal area name and the indoor map.
For installations on Tablets with an over 7" screen is given the possibility to have also the list of remote devices and their status. The green color indicates that the device has VerticalMan active. The time that is reported is the last operation (activation or deactivation of the App).
Tapping on a device displays information on the status of the system; however, there is no data on the position of the device but only on the quality of the signals.
It is possible to request the update of the status with the appropriate button that will send an SMS requesting the update.


ECoRo configuration is limited to the administrator who knows the settings password.

In the configuration it is also possible to export in excel format the list of all alarms occurred

More details on the configuration in the administrator manual.

Download & Resources

ver.3.24 (5 Jun 2024)

Free Version for 30 days

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