eCoRo App

Mobile Console Alarms

eCoRo app allows you to monitor the alarms notified via SMS from VerticalMan allowing to:

1. Start a auditory and visual alarm that has to be interrupted by the user.

2. Accelerate the Google map’s opening.

3. Allow the use of locally saved maps that could be used without internet connection by OsmAndMap.

3. View maps for the indoor positioning of VerticalMan

4. Trace all the occurred alarms.

It is an optimum partner for the rescuer indicated in the VerticalMan App’s configuration. differently from the classical SMS that warns the user with a single sound when it is needed, eCoRo App continues to ring until it is voluntarily turned off, allowing in this way to catch surely the rescuer’s attention on the alarm reported by VerticalMan.

The SMS has to be defined with the following template on VerticalMan, in this way it is controlled by eCoRo:


In case of receiving an SMS alarm, eCoRo App starts ringing and shows all the details highlighted in red.

After the alarm’s ACK (recognizing it) the information highlighted in yellow are shown and it is also set the time of recognition.

The phone call starts after clicking on the sender’s telephone number.

While the button Map opens GoogleMap or OsmAndMap to show the exact GPS position where has happened the GPs alarm.

If on VerticalMan is activated also the IPS management (Indoor Position System) it is shown also the internal area name. If the indoor position image is present on the device, eCoRo App shown it too.


The eCoRo configuration is extremely simple.

Indicate what kind of map do you want to use (Google or OsmAndMap) and the volume for the alarms.

It is strongly suggested to autostart the application at the StartUp.

To view the internal areas, it is necessary to copy the images in png format with the area’s exact name in lower case in the folder /eCoRo/maps. in the example shown in the upper part the file’s name of the stable H4 is: stable h4.png.