Confidex beacons ready for workers safety

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Now VerticalMan can run also with Confidex Viking beacons.

This is not exactly a new addition considering that our apps are compatible with most of the beacons (iBeacon or Eddystone) available on the market, but we suggest a product only after testing it multiple times.

The distinctive trait of Confidex Vicking beacons is the chance to set them at a very low power (-96 dBm), allowing a very accurate indoor planning, avoiding the problem of beacon interference.

We want to remind you that VerticalMan® allows the usage of different type of beacons at the same time, without the requirement of choosing only one technology.

Starting from today you can build your own IPS (Indoor Position System) using a combination of Confidex Viking beacons and VerticalMan® to locate istantly your lone workers that need help.

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