Attack on Lone workers. How to ask help

With a simple bluetooth button, VerticalMan can be enriched with the silent help request functionality typical of panic buttons

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There are many types of lone workers (nurses, guardians, caretaker, etc.) who can find themselves in threatening situations or be attacked by malicious people. In that case it is preferable to request help but without the assailant noticing. The best solution is a panic button.

The VerticalMan® App allows you to associate Flic, a small Bluetooth button, which you can press without anyone noticing. You can hide it in your pocket, sew it inside your clothes or stick it under a desk. Pressing the button, starts immediately a silent remote notification of help request (SMS, Web, email) without any local alarm and without activating notifications with voice calls, so nearby people don’t get suspicious.

The rescuer will receive the alarm signal, knowing exactly that it is a request from Panic Button, and the position (GSM or indoor) of the operator, therefore he will immediately activate the appropriate procedures for assistance intervention for assault.

The Flic button has a battery that must be replaced after 3 years, so there is almost no maintenance. This is a generic wireless button that can become a convenient panic button to improve safety and security.

With the addition of a reliable, but cheap Flic button, you are able to add a powerful functionality to VerticalMan to make lone workers safer even in the event of assaults.


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